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Junior & Senior Infants!

There are 21 in our class, 9 in Junior Infants and 12 in Senior Infants.

Our teacher is Ms. Dynan. 

We hope you enjoy looking at all of the amazing work we are doing in our classroom!

We love working together and below you will see some examples of what we get up to each week. Enjoy 🙂


Friday 15/03/2018

Lá Fhéile Pádraig 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all our little leprechauns! This week we learned all about the story of St. Patrick. We made lovely art work and learned a new song An Leipreachán. We are almost ready for Ireland’s Got Talent! Have a look… 🙂


Working with Clay

We learned how to make a pinch pot out of modelling clay today. All you have to do is roll the clay into a ball, stick your thumb in the middle and then pinch pinch pinch all the way around. Easy peasy! We will paint our pots next week and bring them home.

Friday 09/03/2018

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely Mammies for Sunday! We hope you all have a nice relaxing day and get spoilt! We promise to be on our best behaviour all day 😉 

The Frog

We had a busy week in our classroom this week. We learned all about the life cycle of the frog! We had fun singing the song ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ and the poem ‘I have a Little Frog’. 


Our Spring plants

We planted these daffodil and crocus plants in January and have been minding them for the last few weeks. We take turns to water them every day. Today we saw the first blossoms, one daffodil and one crocus 🙂 After all the snow, Spring is finally starting to arrive!



Tuesday 27/02/2018

A visit from some Spring lambs!!

There was great excitement in our classroom this morning as we had a visit from two baby lambs with a local farmer Tadhg Carey (Holly’s Daddy 🙂 ). Thank you Tadhg for a lovely visit!

The lambs were called Hannah and Charlie. Hannah had a black spot on her back. The lambs were three weeks old and they were very cute and fluffy. We got to pet them and we were delighted to feed them with their bottle. They got full up then and they were making funny noises. Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaa. We got lots of pictures taken with the lambs. Have a look at them…








Monday 26/02/2018

Spring is almost here! (But somebody forgot to tell the weatherman…! 🙂 )

This week we are learning all about Spring! Spring is starting on Thursday 1st March but the weather is still very cold. We will put up some pictures of our Spring activities here during the week…..


Friday 23/02/2018

Art- Decorating Hot Air Balloons

We had great fun today decorating our Hot Air Balloons. We have been learning all about transport and travel this week.






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